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:bulletred: this is a Amy fan club

:bulletred: :iconchibi-panda-girl: is the original founder/creator/owner.
She founded this group before moving to her
chibi-panda-girl account.

:bulletred: Amy fans was founded in 2006, but that's easy
to figure out since it's in our name. We have
been a place where fans of the lovely Amy Rose
can come together and show off their artistic talents
of the sweet pink hedgehog. Join us and share in the
wonders of the fun lovable piko piko hammer girl
Amy Rose.

:bulletred: If your a fan of the lovable pink hedgehog then you
come to the right place. Please feel free to join. =3
The Rules


:star: 1. Please don`t flame this club or leave
uneccessary comments. You will be banned if you do.

:star: 2. To join, just click apply/join. You will
automatically be accepted unless we change
it or say otherwise.

:star: 3. No nudity, porn or anything of that nature. KEEP

:star: 4. Any kind of media that's about Amy is allowed.

:star: 5. Respect other members/contributors
if you don't we will have no choice, but to ban you
from our club if you ignore us.

:star: 6. Please don't spam the club/group in any
way or form.

:star: 7. Special Contributors are by invitation ONLY
so please don't ask if you can be one. You can find there
work in our featured gallery.

:star: 8. If your just a member you can still send in your
work to the club/group, but it will be shown in one of the 3
seperate galleries we have for you.

:star: 9. Please don't submit any scraps to our galleries.
If you don't want it in your gallery we don't want it in
ours either. So please no scraps.

:star: 10. You must be a part of our club in order to submit
work, participate in our contests, and any other
club events.

:star: 11. Members please submit your work to the proper


At this time we only affiliate with Sonic or Sonic
related groups or Amy Rose to.

~That's all enjoy the club/group everyone!









I know that it's not about Amy Rose, but i need your collaboration...

I'm glad to announce that, whit a friend pitufito08 I'm uploading a game as a project for an high school exam. The theme is... CATS!!

your opinion is very important in Kongregate...

Instruccion about Game:

Bell Stage: Click to send the bell, and avoid the cat getting it.
Ball of Yarn Stage: Play football whit the Cat!
Finger Stage: Try to avoid the cat scratching your hand by clicking.
Mouse Stage: Use arrows to run away from the cat.

Select Game Catness by amyrose7…

Thanks very much and Enjoy!!!
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shyleyyyy Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2017
Fuck this group. 
IvoryAlmonds Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
How did I not see this club sooner?
stormpuma Featured By Owner May 1, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
It's funny how this group was made in 2006, and it's all about Amy.

Sonic '06 was made in 2006 and Sonic actually had a girlfriend in this game, but it's not Amy.
IvoryAlmonds Featured By Owner Edited Jun 27, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Funny and ironic indeed. Then again at the same time in the same game Sonic had the choice to either go to Elise's path, or Amy's path on a love level. If you picked Amy she is stated to be his 'old time' love.

I honestly don't think Elise was his 'girlfriend', but possibly, like Amy, a love interest. Though it doesn't matter now because the game erased itself if I recall.
stormpuma Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
His "old time" love?

Yeah right. In Sonic Generations, he's still being a dick to her.

Also, I don't like the fact that Amy is popular only because she loves Sonic. I bet if we take away that love interest thingie, no one will give a damn about her!
I honestly think she needs to exist as a character and not as only the love interest role.

Because I'm not a Sonic fan. I'm an Amy Rose fan.
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